My Brilliant Life

두근두근 내 인생

My Brilliant Life 03
Film info

Director: E J-Yong
Cast: Song Hye-kyo, Kim Seung-wook, Gang Dong-won, Baek Il-seob
Film genre: Drama
Cert 12, 117 mins, 2014

My Brilliant Life presents an idyllic image of youth and innocence as it recounts the first dream-like encounter of Mira and Dae-su at the tender age of 17. Falling in love, pregnancy and giving up on their future in order to raise a child may seem like an abrupt entry into the adult world, but it’s nothing compared to the experience that lies ahead for their son, Ahreum. While the parents (played by attractive young stars Song Hye-kyo and Gang Dong-won) are the very image of youth, Ahreum has Progeria Syndrome, a condition that results in rapid aging and a variety of age-related medical ailments. Ahreum fights for life with the aid of his loving parents, elderly best friend and neighbour Mr. Jang and the crew of a fundraising TV show that is documenting his life. Gentle humour underscores the drama throughout the film as the poetic words of the exceptional Ahreum narrate a message of life and love in the face of extreme difficulty.

Kim Ae-ran’s literary debut, No Knocking in This House won the first Daesan Literary Award in 2002, and the author has subsequently picked up many others including the Hankook Ilbo Literary Award and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism's Today's Young Artist Award. Kim Ae-ran's 2011 novel The Youngest Parents with the Oldest Child was adapted to the screen in 2014 made into a film by by E J-yong withas as My Brilliant Life.