Korea: The Never Ending War

Korea The Never Ending War
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Director: John Maggio
Film genre: Documentary
89 mins, 2019

Non-dogmatic political commentators and historians claim that if you really want to understand contemporary North Korea, it is necessary to dig all the way back to the Korean War. The cold war became hot between June 1950 and July 1953 when a civil war between the two Koreas, with an already embedded class struggle between the haves and have-nots, exploded into an international confrontation that almost triggered WWIII.

The devastation and suffering brought upon the new nation by (mainly) American bombs, bullets and napalm have never been forgotten; the Kim regime has made certain of that. The development of a nuclear strike force at all costs finds its justification in this brutal history lesson. Through carefully edited news and other footage, commentary by respected experts and testimony from a precious handful of Korea survivors, John Maggio and team have produced an unsurpassed documentary.