Hotel by the River


Hotel By The River
Film info

Director: Hong Sang-soo
Cast: Ki Joobong, Kim Minhee, Song Seonmi, Kwon Haehyo, Yu Junsang, Park Ran, Shin Seokho
Film genre: Drama
Cert 18, 96 mins, 2018
Distributed by Finecut

Is Hong Sangsoo thinking about death? This wintery comedy-drama conjures together five characters – all in search of outcomes. A famous poet is staying in a riverside hotel, for free, and summons his two semi-estranged adult sons (they rarely see each other either) to discuss his death. He thinks he’ll die soon, though there’s no evidence to support it. Meanwhile Sanghee checks in for a few days, on the rebound from a failed relationship; she and her friend Yeonju are both fans of the poet’s writing and are thrilled to find him there. Between the enthusiasm of the women and the awkward embarrassments of the men, Hong weaves a conundrum to die for. Ki Joobong as the poet (Best Actor, Locarno 2018; and star of last year’s Merry Christmas Mr Mo) heads a perfect cast of Hong Sangsoo regulars – including his muse Kim Minhee and the ever-charming Yu Junsang.