Hit the Night


Hit The Night
Film info

Director: Jeong Ga-young
Cast: Jeong Ga-young, Park Jong-hwan, Hyung Seul-woo
Film genre: Romance
Cert TBC, 85 mins, 2017
Distributed by M-Line Distribution

A young woman questions a man over drinks as research for her screenplay; “Consider me a friend”, she implores. Director and lead star Jeong Ga-young clearly has ulterior motives as she presses Jin-Hyuk to shares his deepest, most intimate sexual habits. With different motivations and expectations, the pair enter a sort of intellectual battle, in a fascinating exploration of attraction and connection and that intangible thing that sparks infatuation. Fuelling the night with gin, Ga-young hunts down her object of desire with unabashed abandon, her underhand methods flipping the typical roles of heteronormative male tactics. With hints of Richard Linklater’s Before trilogy (1995-2013), they talk all evening, and the conversation meanders from sex and desire, to personality type and childhood memories. A self-reflexive thread about cinephiles and the filmmaking process adds a postmodern flourish to Hit the Night, with its startlingly frank confessions and twists and turns that keep you guessing until the end.