He's On Duty


Hes On Duty 16
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Director: Yook Sanh-hyo
Cast: Kim In-kwon, Kim Jung-Tae, Shin Hyun-Bin
110 mins, 2010

BangTae-sik is a perennially unemployed South Korean man who, based on his physical appearance, could pass for a foreigner. He is as a result often confused for an outsider and, having nothing much to do, he takes advantage of his own situation.Tae-sik adopts a fake foreign accent and pretends to come from Bhutan. Very clumsy, the newly named Bang-ga gains confidence little by little and becomes more and more influential among his friends and co-workers. He also starts romancing the lovely Jang-mi who works in the same factory as him.

With He’s on Duty,Yook Sanh-Hyo presents a light- hearted and vigorous comedy that nonetheless delivers uncommonly powerful commentaries on immigration, discrimination and racism.