Dive Still
Film info

Director: Lee Seung-hwan
Cast: Yang Ji-il, Kwon Ki-ha, Kim Jong-tae
Film genre: Horror, Fantasy
Cert 15, 24 mins, 2018
Distributed by Indiestory

Woo-jin loves water. He is alone and at peace when he swims, either in competition, or alone at night in the school swimming pool, some of the few moments he gets to himself. He is expected to take care of his handicapped brother: dinner, bathing, changing diapers. Woo-jin loves his brother, but does everything for him, and even then, his father asks him to do more. But suddenly, Woo-jin has the opportunity to break free of these constraints, to fulfill a dream and escape from the tyranny of his father and the monotony of looking after his brother. But how far will his guilt let him go?