Dead End


Dead End Still 1
Film info

Director: Kim Sung-soo
Cast: Kim Gi-ho, Lee Du-il, An Eun-mi
Film genre: Noir
Cert 18, 19 mins, 1993
Distributed by Sanai Pictures

This mostly dimly lit short captures Kim Sung-soo’s masterful grasp of lighting that is predominantly set in a labyrinth of dark alleys. Do-cheol (Kim Gi-ho) who has been caring for his sick wife witnesses a murder in a neighbouring alley through a hospital window. He is seen by the killer and a chase ensues taking him through a maze of back streets, but the disorientating experience ultimately puts him back in the place where the first crime was committed, only this time he is no longer just a witness. With touches of wit and dark humour, one is never sure what lies around the corner. The film’s brisk pace keeps the adrenaline pumping for the nineteen-minute duration sharing much in common with Park Hong-min’s feature Alone, also set in Seoul’s urban jungle.