Film info

Director: Park Ki-yong
Cast: Lee Dae-yon, Park Myung-shin
Film genre: Drama
Cert 18, 91 mins, 2001

Park’s first indie feature is essentially a two-hander. A man in a borrowed SUV picks up a woman outside Seoul’s domestic airport and drives her to a small enclave of restaurants, nightclubs and motels on the west coast. Both are middle-aged and married to other people, and know little about each other’s lives. After a seafood dinner and a visit to a karaoke lounge, they go to bed together for the first (and maybe last) time. The film offers cool, delicately nuanced observation of these two averagely careworn individuals as they try to escape the routine which has ground them down. Park asked his superb actors Lee Dae-yon and Park Myung-shin to improvise within parameters they discussed in advance; he likens the method to that of a jazz ensemble and says he tried not to follow convention. Why camels? They can survive well in adverse conditions and, it’s said, their eyes are always moist.