Between You and Me

감독님 연출하지 마세요

Between You And Me Still
Film info

Director: Lee Dae-young
Cast: Lim Sun-woo, Moon Hye-in, Lee Seung-won
Film genre: Comedy
Cert 12A, 14 mins, 2018

Movie audiences see the glamour and spectacle of a film. But from the other side, it can be frustrating and time-consuming, with anger and egos clashing over the smallest things. Min-gyeong is trying to film the simplest of scenes, sitting in a car and eating kimbap. But arguments with the director over costume and script, lack of pay, no lunch break, and a very complicated sandwich wrap make the scene almost impossible. But who is the director, and who is the actress? Identities and roles shift in an on-set power struggle and the need to film the perfect take.