Film info

Director: Park Jung-bum
Cast: Park Jung-bum, Lee Seung-yeon, Park Myung-hun
Film genre: Drama
Cert 18, 175 mins, 2014


Official Selection International Competition

Official Selection
Jeonju International Film Festival 2014

Jungchul labours to survive. He works at a construction site but his co-worker steals his salary; he cuts trees in a forest to sell to a factory; he makes fermented soybean paste on a production line; he butchers a chicken for his boss’s party. However hard Jungchul strives to make ends meet for himself and his family - his severely depressed sister and her daughter - he cannot seem to escape from a series of calamities. “Why can I never have anything?” he screams in despair.

Following The Journals of Musan, Park Jungbum returns with his second feature, in which he again plays the protagonist. Mostly composed of long takes, this film intends to “portray being alive”, to borrow Park’s words. The many spectacular locations in the film are the fruits of Park’s endeavour to find perfect spots in rural Kangwon province to provide a fitting background against which his characters’ exasperated physicality and exhausting struggles play out.