Film info

Director: Kim In-seon
Cast: Um Tae-goo, Lee Jae-in, Seo Jeong-yeon
Film genre: Comedy, Drama
Cert 12, 91 mins, 2017
Distributed by M-Line Distribution

Kim In-seon has won prizes for her short films, and this debut feature gets so many things right that her future seems assured. Coming home from her father’s funeral, 14-year-old Kyung-un finds her life invaded by her feckless uncle Jae-min, a gigolo who preys on lonely, middle-aged women. No sooner has he manoeuvred himself into position as her legal guardian (her mother walked out when she was an infant) than he’s made off with her father’s life-insurance pay-out. Kyung-un goes on the warpath for restitution, but is inexorably drawn into Jae-min’s plan to scam Jum-hee, the unmarried owner of a pharmacy. The plot turns on a girl in high-school being more ‘adult’ than a grown man (Jae-min has never quite shaken his glory days as a member of a boy band), but it hinges on the fact that all three protagonists are deeply lonely, and trying to fill gaps in their lives. Kim In-seon’s aim is true.