A Dream of Iron

철의 꿈

A Dream Of Iron
Film info

Director: Park Kyung-hyun
Film genre: Documentary
Cert U, 100 mins, 2018
Distributed by Böc Features

An elegiac film essay documenting and interrogating the financial and emotional investment in the steel industry in 1960’s South Korea. Kelvin Kyung Kun Park weaves together archive footage with slow moving pans and static camera shots to contrast the utopian optimism of the push to rebuild the nation's industry after the destruction of the Korean War with the subsequent failure to reach the goal of modernity. Hyundai is one of the companies which has played the largest role in the industrialisation of South Korea and the name of the company comes from the Korean word for “modernity”. The ramifications of both the desire for and failure of Korean modernisation are at the heart of the film, which uses this idea to branch off into a wide and at times idiosyncratic quest for the sublime, incorporating ancient whales and mystic rituals.