A Confession Expecting a Rejection

거절을 기대하는 고백

A Confession Expecting A Rejection Still 1
Film info

Director: Park Jeong-hoon
Cast: Kim Dong-won, Kim Hyun-jin, Kim Pan-kyum
Film genre: Drama
Cert 15, 112 mins, 2018

The title tips you off that this isn’t a film for everyone, but we should nevertheless start by stressing that Park Jeong-hoon’s film (his second feature, after 2012’s December) presents itself as one single, uninterrupted take. The camera is set up in a small, plain studio. Young men and women enter, sit, respond to off-screen questions from the crew, and leave. Or rather, that’s what’s supposed to happen. But it turns out that one female subject has a prior, broken relationship with a member of the crew – which brings submerged tensions to the surface. So what we have here is an emotional drama in inverted commas, spiked with some satirical thoughts about representing ‘reality’ on a screen, filmed by a director who might have seen too many Andy Warhol films. It’s a genuinely engrossing experience for any viewer with a taste for committed minimalism.