A Boy and Sungreen

보희와 녹양

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Film info

Director: Ahn Ju-young
Cast: Ahn Ji-ho, Kim Ju-a, Seo Hyun-Woo, Shin Dong-mi, Kim So-ra, Jang Jun-whee
Film genre: Drama, Family
Cert 12, 99 mins, 2018
Distributed by M-Line Distribution

Difficult issues of growing up with a single parent and searching for a lost family member are given comedy treatment in Ahn Ju-young’s debut feature in which two high school students, aspiring filmmaker Nok-yang (Kim Ju-a) and her slightly awkward best friend Bo-hee (Ahn Ji-ho) join forces to find Bo-hee’s father, after it comes to light that his death in a car accident was fabricated by Bo-hee’s mother.

The onscreen chemistry between the perfectly cast young leads serves well a subtle love story which emerges from their sleuth activities. The film offers a playful commentary on gender roles and the fragility of developing masculinity, with Nok-yang clearly calling the shots here. Assertively wielding her camera, she directs Bo-hee in his attempts to shed his embarrassing nickname (signifying female genitals) and to find a father, or at least a father figure, all the way until the film’s riveting climax.