누에치던 방

Jamsil 04
Film info

Director: Lee Wanmin
Cast: Lee Sanghee, Hong Seungyi, Kim Saebyuk
Film genre: Drama
Cert 15, 130 mins, 2019
Distributed by Windwellers Films

Thirty-something Mihee (Lee Sanghee) repeatedly fails the bar exam, is dumped by her long-term boyfriend, and moves into a tiny, rundown flat which only adds to her feelings of loneliness and failure. One day she arrives at the house of forty-something Sungsook (Hong Seungyi) and claims that the two were once best friends in high school in spite of the obvious ten-year age gap between them. Having never set eyes on Mihee before, Sungsook invites her into the home she shares with live-in boyfriend and teenage sweetheart Ikju (Im Hyeong-gook) and behaves as if she and Mihee really were long lost friends. Elliptical and defying explanation, Lee Wanmin’s debut is a dreamlike tribute to the depth and immediacy of female friendship both past and present.