2 Nights 3 Days


2 Nights 3 Days Still
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Director: Cho Eun-ji
Cast: Jeong Soo-ji, Song Ji-hyuk, Yu Chang-suk
Film genre: Drama, Romance
Cert 12A, 29 mins, 2018
Distributed by Film Dabin

Ji-eun loves boyfriend Min-gyu, and can’t wait to meet up with him for their anniversary. Unfortunately, he has little interest in any kind of celebration, and leaves Jin-eun at his apartment with his useless brother, angry father, and sleeping grandmother. Ji-eun waits for him, and then refuses to leave the apartment. Inextricably entwined with his family, whose inner turmoil boils to the surface, the young girl finds herself caught between sadness and anger, trying to reconcile her attachment to Min-gyu with his dismissive attitude, and her own desire for a little bit of love and happiness, which might manifest in unusual ways.