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Director: Choi Kook-hee
Cast: Kim Hye-soo, Yoo Ah-in, Huh Joon-ho, Jo Woo-jin, Vincent Cassel

Set during the dramatic build-up to the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, taut political thriller Default finds one honourable financial analyst (Kim Hye-soo, Coin Locker Girl) struggling to overcome the corrupt officials that surround her and steer South Korea away from national disaster. Meanwhile, a young opportunist (Yoo Ah-in, Burning) decides to turn the country’s economic peril into an exciting investment opportunity…

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Korean Film Nights 2019 Presents: Home Truths


From Kim Ki-young’s unforgettable 1960s classic The Housemaid to 2018’s London Korean Film Festival opener, Jeon Go-woon’s Microhabitat, Korean cinema has always had a dialogue with the home. Home Truths ventures into various on-screen Korean homes with a programme of carefully selected titles. We explore how Korean domestic space shapes on-screen identities, and how its architectural structure can reflect the social mores of a time. A house can reveal much about both its residents and the world outside its doors.

All screenings take place at the Korean Cultural Centre UK and are free to attend (booking required)

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The World Of Us 1

The World of Us

KCCUK, Thursday 2 April, 7pm

Sun is a lonely primary school girl who, though desperate to make friends, has remained socially-outcast. When transfer student Jia joins her class, during the summer vacation the two become close friends, spending time at each others houses. Initially, Jia’s home brings the security and comfort that neither Sun’s own domestic space nor her classroom are able to provide. At the beginning of the new semester, however, their new friendship is tested as Sun continues to be the target of bullying by their other classmates...

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London Korean Film Festival 2018

The London Korean Film Festival 2018 Highlight Video

The London Korean Film Festival 2018 ran from 1- 14 November in London before taking highlights around the country with the annual UK Tour. The festival featured an in-depth Special Focus entitled A Slice of Everyday Life, along with an exciting mix of UK and International premieres, guests and events across a diverse set of strands; Cinema Now, Women's Voices, Indie Firepower, Contemporary Classics, Artists Video, Animation and Shorts.

You can see images from the 2018 festival here.

All film screenings are organised by the Korean Cultural Centre UK (KCCUK). For more information on the KCCUK and its many events, including film, music, visual arts, literature and more, please visit the website here.

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