Korean Film Nights 2019 Season 2: Love Without Boundaries

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This year’s second season of Korean Film Nights, Love Without Boundaries, invites us to take an even deeper look into the Korean psyche and to open our hearts to love − the kind of love which thrives on the margins of society, that challenges our preconceptions, that shocks us with its intensity and amazes us with its capacity to forgive and transform.

Screenings take place at the Korean Cultural Centre UK and Birkbeck Cinema and are free to attend (booking required)

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First Screening:

A Girl At My Door First Choice

A Girl at My Door

KCCUK, Thursday 4 July, 7pm 

Following a personal scandal which disgraces her in the eyes of her colleagues, lesbian police officer Young-nam (Bae Doona, The Host) is stationed to a quiet provincial town in Yeosu as the new Police Chief. In a sleepy town beset by drunkenness, narrow-mindedness and corruption, she becomes the reluctant protector of Sun Do-hee (Kim Sae Ron, The Man from Nowhere) - a timid schoolgirl who harbours mysterious secrets and traumas of her own.

Free Admission

Booking and info: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e...

LKFF2019 Teaser Screening: Fengshui

Fengshui Regent Street Cinema 22 July Lkff2019 Teaser Screening 04


Regent Street Cinema, Monday 22 July, 7:00pm

European Premiere

Director: Park Hee-kon
Cast: Cho Seung-woo, Ji Sung, Kim Sung-kyun, Baek Yoon-sik, Moon Chae-won

Set against the backdrop of Korea’s majestic landscapes, this action-packed historical drama follows Feng Shui Master Park Jae-sang (Cho Seung-woo, Inside Men) as he attempts to avenge his tragic past by helping overthrow a power-hungry clan who have their sights set on the throne.

Booking and Info: https://www.regentstreetcinema...

London Korean Film Festival 2018

The London Korean Film Festival 2018 Highlight Video

The London Korean Film Festival 2018 ran from 1- 14 November in London before taking highlights around the country with the annual UK Tour. The festival featured an in-depth Special Focus entitled A Slice of Everyday Life, along with an exciting mix of UK and International premieres, guests and events across a diverse set of strands; Cinema Now, Women's Voices, Indie Firepower, Contemporary Classics, Artists Video, Animation and Shorts.

You can see images from the 2018 festival here.

All film screenings are organised by the Korean Cultural Centre UK (KCCUK). For more information on the KCCUK and its many events, including film, music, visual arts, literature and more, please visit the website here.

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