LKFF2019 Final Teaser Screening: Kokdu: A Story of Guardian Angels + Programme Launch


Kokdu: A Story of Guardian Angels + Programme Launch

Regent Street Cinema, Monday 16 September, 7:00pm

UK Premiere
Director: Kim Tae-yong
Cast: Seung-tae Baek, Hee-Bong Cho, Choi Go, Min-gi Kim, Su-an Kim

Garnering universal praise at the 2018 Busan International Film Festival as well as Berlinale 2019, Kokdu: A Story of Guardian Angels blends theatre, traditional Korean music (gugak) and film in a heartwarming narrative of loss and redemption from award winning director Kim Tae-yong.

Melding fantasy and reality, Kokdu meanders between cinematic action and impressively staged theatre, creating a uniquely captivating experience. The film deftly explores the meaning and impact of death whilst maintaining an unbridled sense of joy and innocence, resonating with audiences of all ages. Traditional gugak music compliments the transcendental themes, originally performed live at the National Gugak Center in Seoul, generating record ticket sales.

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The March Of Fools 1

Hidden Figures strand, Ha Gil-jong at Barbican Cinema

Barbican Cinema, 4 - 10 November

In the 1970s, Ha Gil-jong shook up Korean cinema, offering a thrillingly diverse series of features which critiqued the contemporary military dictatorship and put him in constant battle with film censors.

The three films in this programme, co-curated with the Barbican, embrace entirely different styles and genres – melodrama, comedy and horror – to comment and interrogate a troubled present.

Ha died at the tragically young age of 37, the same age as Fassbinder, with whom he has been compared, along with Vigo and Pasolini. We are delighted to show a selection of his work, very rarely screened in the UK, back on the big screen.

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London Korean Film Festival 2018

The London Korean Film Festival 2018 Highlight Video

The London Korean Film Festival 2018 ran from 1- 14 November in London before taking highlights around the country with the annual UK Tour. The festival featured an in-depth Special Focus entitled A Slice of Everyday Life, along with an exciting mix of UK and International premieres, guests and events across a diverse set of strands; Cinema Now, Women's Voices, Indie Firepower, Contemporary Classics, Artists Video, Animation and Shorts.

You can see images from the 2018 festival here.

All film screenings are organised by the Korean Cultural Centre UK (KCCUK). For more information on the KCCUK and its many events, including film, music, visual arts, literature and more, please visit the website here.

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Kokdu: A Story of Guardian Angels
7:00 pm, Regent Street Cinema

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