LKFF 2017 Teaser Screening #3:


UK Premiere - Monday 22 May, 7:30pm, Regent Street Cinema

Qow School

Hailed as one of the funniest comedies of the year, Queen of Walking sees motion-sickness afflicted student Man-bok join her school’s ace ‘race walking’ team, developing a passion for the sport and a zest for life. With the aid of a passionate homeroom teacher, the national competition is soon on the horizon, but how will the bus-averse student make the 70km trip…

Joining the film’s star Shim Eun-kyung (Miss Granny) are a whole host of colourful supporting characters including Man-bok’s overly-emotional father, her no-nonsense mother, a hip-hop obsessed crush, and the fiery athletics team captain, Su-ji (Joo Hee-Park, The Silenced)... not to mention her bovine best-friend, Miss Cow, who narrates the film.

With Queen of Walking, director Baek Seung-hwa (Turn It Up to 11) has incorporated colourful animated effects, surreal flights-of-fantasy, and a fantastic cast into a delightfully quirky and hugely enjoyable comedy-drama.

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Korean Film Nights 2017

Visions Of Migration

Korean Film Nights continues...

This year we've divided the programme into three distinct mini-seasons, each comprised of six films focused on a unique theme. What's more, we have invited special guest programmers to offer their selections for each season, along with a different guest speaker each week to offer insight into the film and on its importance in the wider context of Korean cinema. 

This second season runs from April until June and will focus on stories of immigration in South Korean cinema, a theme that was chosen for its relevance in the world today.

Join us as we explore the stories of a North Korean defector, migrant workers hailing from a variety of countries including Burma, Vietnam and Bangladesh as well as second-generation Korean emigrants returning to the country their parents left behind.

All screenings take place at the Korean Cultural Centre UK and are free to attend (booking required)

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On Foreign Ground: Visions of Migration

Next Up...

UK Premiere

In the industrial suburb of Masoek we find three foreign workers sharing a prefab hut built on their factory’s rooftop. This documentary offers a gaze into their lives, shifting its focus away from issues often associated with immigrants, taking a look at their personalities and everyday existence instead. Through very concise interviews, their plans and the challenges they face are slowly unveiled. We learn about the sacrifices they make for their families and their longing to return to a country that offers an uncertain future. We also witness both the camaraderie and the frictions that arise from living with strangers in such a confined space.

Free admission

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Korean Film Nights continue...

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