London Korean Film Festival 2018 Documentary Fortnight:

Another World We Are Making

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The London Korean Film Festival 2018 presents a very special series of screenings and events showcasing exemplary pieces of independent documentary filmmaking from Korea. Based around themes of social justice and political resistance, this unique documentary programme will see acclaimed directors Kim Dong Won and Song Yun-hyeok present their films across two weekends, joined by noted critic Nam In Young for a selection of panel discussions and in-depth conversations.

All screening & events are free and take place at Birkbeck Cinema and the Korean Cultural Centre UK from August 11 - 19.

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London Korean Film Festival 2018 Teaser Screenings:

Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum

Summer brings the scares with this found-footage roller-coaster ride that smashed the Korean box-office to become a certified horror sensation. An abandoned psychiatric hospital with a haunted history seems like the perfect setting for the creators of a ghost-hunting Youtube channel to boost their view-count. Building their own narrative from the clues they find in the building, it’s all flirty fun and GoPro games until the terrifying truth behind the stories is revealed…

Picturehouse Central, Thursday 30 August 9pm

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Arts Picturehouse Cambridge, Monday 27 August 6pm

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Korean Film Nights 2018 Presents:

Rebels with a Cause

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Korean Film Nights continue in 2018 with our second season, Rebels with a Cause in which we focus on determined individuals who have defied the cultural norms of their time, foreshadowing a new direction for Korean society. Rebels can come in all shapes and sizes - from persecuted persons fighting a battle for freedom against tyrannical oppressors, to ordinary people who summon the courage to depart from the norm. It is such individuals (whether they be students, blue-collar workers, teachers, monks or soldiers) who provide the focus for the current series.

All screenings take place at the Korean Cultural Centre UK and are free to attend (booking required).

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Next Screening:

Black Republic

Thursday 23 August 7pm, KCCUK

Opening on a pitch black screen, we begin to hear a voice: it is the words of the mother of the protagonist, Han Tae-hoon, a student who becomes involved in the Korean democratisation movement of the 1980s. The woman’s voice stands for both mother and country, a land then plunged into darkness. Tae-hoon flees from the authorities using a fake identity and seeks refuge in a mining village, but the state-repressive forces are not the only ghost he is trying to escape - the lingering thought of the possible failure of the democratisation movement never ceases to haunt him. Tae-hoon does not belong in his chosen hideout; his presence starkly reveals the undeniable tensions between intellectuals and blue-collar workers, a division permeating through the minjung movement.

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London Korean Film Festival 2017: Highlights Video

See all the action from this year's festival in our 2017 highlight video.

The 12th London Korean Film Festival (LKFF) ran from 26 October – 19 November 2017 and featured multiple UK and International premieres, with a special focus on Korean Noir and included everything from Indie Firepower and Cinema Now to Women's Voices, Classics Revisited: Bae Chang-ho Retrospective, Documentaries, Artist Video, Animations, Mise-en-scène Shorts and a roster of very special guests in attendance.

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Twitter: @koreanfilmfest

Instagram: @london_korean_film_festival

Uk 한국문화원 영문 좌우 1행

All film screenings are organised by the Korean Cultural Centre UK (KCCUK). For more information on the KCCUK and its many events, including film, music, visual arts, literature and more, please visit the website here.

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